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Type: Chain

Type: Foldable Lock

Size: 83cm, 94cm, 100cm, 120cm

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Alloy + Alloy Steel +ABS Plastic

Brand: Toptrek

  • Robust & theft protection

Toptrek bicycle lock folding locks are made of 5 mm thick, high-strength alloy material that is robust, cut-resistant, shear-resistant and withstands high-strength torsion and stretch resistance. The outer layer of the chain is wrapped in a fully closed ABS to prevent rust. The riveting has been reinforced and is more wear-resistant and less prone to deformation. The security level is up to level 7 to keep your bike safe.

  • Class B locking cylinder

The folding lock bicycle is equipped with a double-sided blade lock core of the B class and the tooth bloom is complex and diverse: The front and back are internal milling teeth that effectively prevent the universal key, the sheet metal and the special unlocking tool from being opened . When unlocking, there is no need to distinguish between the front and back of the key, which makes it easier to use, prevent dust.

  • Folding design

The chain is up to 94cm long and the large locking space can lock the fastenings. It is difficult for the thief to lift the entire car. The eight joints can be rotated 360 degrees, which is easy to fold, easy to carry and does not take up any space. Folded size: 164.5mm * 58.7mm.

  • Mount the bracket

The adjustable diameter of the cantilever bracket is suitable for different seat tube sizes, with which the lock can be easily and securely attached to the bicycle tube without damaging the paint. The top of the bracket has a sturdy rubber band to ensure the latch won't fall off and is easy to grasp.